[ Airless spraying ]

Residential & Commercial Spraying

We offer an airless paint spraying service to all our customers whether it be painting large or small buildings , single houses, commercial projects or industrial factories. Airless spray painting can be applied to new or refurbished surfaces leaving a finish that no brush or roller can complete with.y will not be spent in a vain.

Being up to 10 times faster than the conventional brush and roller techniques on new plaster, airless spraying can make light work of a large area to be painted or painting decorative coving leaving a better finish in a fraction if the time.

Exterior building painting and all decorating jobs, particularly pebble dash buildings where a high rate of paint application is required, airless spray is the only choice of spray equipment for the job. Multiple tip sizes and extension poles can be used depending on the surface area to be painted to speed up the process of painting. When painting houses or building, our pumps can handle all smooth decorative paints from stains and varnish, through gloss, primers, acrylics, vinyl emulsion to heavy masonry coatings.

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What People Say

"Having had our kitchen previously hand painted I was so surprised at the difference spraying by Aaron and Ross made - night and day! Professional perfectionists!"
Catriona Doyle
"Aaron and Ross are the ultimate perfectionists. It feels like a brand new kitchen. What’s more, we have been amazed at the finish too as it’s hard wearing and waterproof!"
Claire Towe